H&H Diesel’s customer Chris Hunziker runs a Dodge Cummins 2.6 pulling truck in the local state groups in Kansas and Missouri. They just complete runs at MMTTPAs Tipton pull and Dream Factory Pull on the next day at the MO State Fairgrounds. Chris ran his turbo and manifold coated with ZyCoat, LLC’s - ZyBar Midnight Black high temperature heat dissipation coatingtesting for home page display
First off let me start by saying that Wes and all the guys at ZyCoat Coating Services are a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable about the ZyCoat product. I will say at first, I was skeptical about a coating that would decrease our exhaust temps as drastically as advertised, but boy was I mistaken.
When Mandy rolled in – her first comment to her Dad was “My feet aren’t Hot!” ZyBar worked!! Further the crew was able to adjust air fuel ratios as the exhaust gas was not building up and creating back pressurevery nice product
Vintage Fabrication’s Bobby Schumacher, I went with ZyBar to prevent heat buildup from the turbos that we had experienced in the past with ceramic coating and wraps. We have not had any more problems with high temperatures from exhaust or turbos using the ZyBar coatings and the bronze satin color is amazingasdasdgoogle

The truck now feels much more solid driving down the road. The best way I can describe it is feeling like a new full size truck and not a ranger. It is much quieter inside as well. My mid-bass output is much much greater now and before the install my sub-woofer was much quieter if I had the windows up versus down. Now it is about the same with the windows up as it is down, a definite improvement.

Tim, I have completed the installation of the HushMat in about 4.5 hour’s total. I am sure I could knock an hour off that time on my next project. After you put a few pieces down and realize that it is easy to work with and very forgivable it moves much faster. This product did go on easily and I have not even taken the truck out for a ride and I can tell the improvement in quieting the door opening and closing.

The Willy’s is covered in HushMat and the photo part is almost over. Yes I did get the logo sheets and they are in place. The product is so easy to install! Lots of contours on the rear panel of the Willy’s but it was no problem at all. We did not use any gloves and we are cut free. I have to do the '55 yet but I am going to get to it the first of the week. The product really works GREAT. Thanks for your help. This chapter is an important one in the book.

A big thank you for your awesome product.

Tim, We installed the product in the Cube (everywhere except under the headliner) and conducted a before and after Real Time Analysis of the frequency response of the stereo system before and after. I haven’t been able to take the time to analyze the results yet but I did notice a nice increase in dB from the stock sound system when set at the same volume level. I think the average SPL increase +3dB which would normally require a doubling of amplifier power. On the road, the reduction in cabin noise was quite evident.

I’m the proud owner of a 67 Camaro that I recently had restored. Since the interior needed complete replacement, a friend recommended that I install Hushmat when everything was stripped out. I HushMatted the roof, floor, door panels and trunk. Tim and the Hushmat crew are awesome. The road noise that comes through is appreciably lower and the tunes are crystal clear and a night-and-day improvement. I humbly admit I had never heard of this kind of product, and absolutely consider it a not-optional part of my resto. Hushmat has my HIGHEST recommendation and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who asks what I had done to my car.