HushMat Ultra
Ultra Silver Ultra Black

Sound deadening and thermal insulating material 1.5mm thick and 0.47 lbs per square foot & rated to 550 degrees F – available in universal kits and over 10,000 Year, Make & Model custom vehicle kits and home appliance kits (ie. Dishwasher Quiet kit). HushMat kits are available in either Silver or Black foil. Black or Silver offer the same incredible performance. The only difference is the color.

Silencer Mega-Bond™

HushMat Silencer Mega-Bond

Sound absorbing and thermal insulating foam – Available in kits and also bulk sheets and bulk rolls. Silencer Megabond absorbs from 600 – 4000 Hz frequency airborne noise and is rated up to 300 degrees F (149 C)

Quiet Tape™

HushMat Quiet Tape

Quiet tape offers unique installation benefits versus other mechanical and tape fasteners. Quiet Tape is a flexible, one sided foam tape which can be reused unlike most other tape materials. Quiet Tape requires no tools or cleaning and bonds to virtually any surface. Quiet Tape is available in a 1” x 20’ Roll.

Wave Breaker Kits™

HushMat Wave Breaker

Wave Breaker is a micro-cellular synthetic foam rubber designed to break up standing wave or back waves from every speaker or sub-woofer. Wave Breaker is a required accessory to get all the music you paid for from your speakers. Great for all car, truck, marine, indoor and outdoor speakers.


HushWall is a soft variable cellular synthetic rubber foam with a smooth side and a rough cellular side designed to absorb sound waves between drywall studs. HushWall is available in bulk rolls and is UL 94 approved.


Hoodliner is a robust high temperature formulation designed for engine side application. Rated from minus 30 to +550 degrees F (288 C). Hoodliner Ultra II formulation is a heavy foil constrained layer insulator with a 2.0 mm high temp butyl extrusion. Hoodliner is available as a universal kit containing 12 sq ft (1.1 sq mtr) designed to insulate every car or truck hood. Hoodliner protects the painted hood surface from unnecessary heat aging, degradation.