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One sided self-adhesive foam tape used in thousands of applications in the car, garage, office and home. HushMat quiet tape is used to secure wires, harnesses and cables to prevent vibration, rattles andunnecessary maintenance. Simple to use - cuts with scissors and just peel and stick. HushMat's incredible adhesive technology makes this product a must in every tool box. Even better - you can unwind the tape after use and reuse it without loss of adhesion! You can't do that with duct tape or electrical tape! You end up throwing away three times as much of these tapes as you use.

HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening & thermal insulating material available to the automotive aftermarket.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Heat & Road Noise all from one USA Made product!!
HushMat ULTRA - Butyl Damping Pads “RATED #1 INSULATOR” by Restorer Magazine

  • Easiest sound deadening & insulation product to install - peel & stick
  • Reduces heat & vibration that creates an uncomfortable ride
  • Performs from -30 degrees up to 550+ degrees Fahrenheit
  • Light weight & super flexible less than 1/8” thick at less than 1/2 pound per square foot
  • Adhesion is guaranteed - No alcohol or acetone wash needed; no installation tools required
  • Trims easily with standard razor knife or household scissors
  • Self-Adhesive peel and stick – no glue required
  • Installs in 1/2 the time versus offshore produced brands
  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Outperforms closest competitive brand by over 40%
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer approved - Meets or exceeds automotive damping specs GMO149M - General Motors, WSB-M5G58-A1 - Ford and MS-CD 629 Type C – Chrysler
  • Universal application



QUIET TAPE is a thin extruded, synthetic molecular foam with excellent adhesion to any transportation, marine or home surface. QUIET TAPE is intended for use as a single sided, pressure-sensitive acoustical or bonding tape. It is great for taping down wire harnesses or other trim components to prevent nuisance squeaks and rattles. It is also excellent for placement on the back of trim panels or inside console/glove box trays to prevent annoying vibration and rattles.

Typical uses for this material are placement over wire harnesses or other trim components for sound abatement and sealing against dust and water. This material is suitable for use in areas that experience broad temperature & environmental exposure ranges.

QUIET TAPE is has a skinned non permeable surface on one side and laminated with a paper release system. It is provided in rolls and may be easily hand-cut for special configurations. There are thousands of applications in your vehicle, boat, rv, truck, garage and home.


COLOR: Elastomer: Dark brown
Films: Release coated paper.
SOLID CONTENT: 98% minimum by weight.
ADHESION CHARACTERISTICS: Rated from -40 to 300 Degrees F. When subjected to a 90° peel at a rate of 12 in/min (300 mm/min), the material has strength greater than 5 lbs (22.2 N) after the following: - 5 minute dwell - 2 weeks @ 70°C - 2 weeks 100% relative humidity/37.8°C - 3 week environmental cycle
REPOSITIONABILITY: The material can be repositioned and reused multiple times and still meet above adhesion characteristics.
PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: The material remains tacky, shall not harden appreciably, nor leach oils, and shall have good adhesion to fabrics and primed, lacquered and trim adhesive sprayed surfaces. Tape strip will not stretch or have laminate separate upon removal of release paper. QUIET TAPE meets these performance requirements.
DEAD LOAD: The material will show no evidence of sagging or pulling away from panel when a 34 gram weight is attached to (25 X 150mm) strip with the assembly hanging vertically for 24 hours.
STAIN/TRANSFER RESISTANCE: Under normal operating conditions this material will not stain or transfer when put in contact with other trim shop materials.
FLAMMABILITY: The material will pass all aspects of this standard. F/C MVSS 302
FLEXIBILITY/CONFORMABILITY: The material will remain flexible and conformable at temperatures as low as -30°C.
MOLD RESISTANCE: No odor or mold development was evident after 2 weeks at 100% relative humidity/37.8°C.
SHELF LIFE: 12 Months at 35°C minimum.
SAFETY: QUIET TAPE is not considered a hazardous material

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