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HushMat® is the #1 rated thermal and sound deadening material for your car, truck, boat or RV! It not only provides superior heat and noise reduction; it’s also the easiest product on the market to install, requiring just a simple pair of scissors.


Automotive / Hot Rod

Everyone loves the nostalgic look on the outside of your vintage ride, but you want the cool and quiet comfort of today's models on the inside. HushMat cuts and forms easily to the firewall, floor pan, tunnel, roof, doors, and trunk. It should be part of every restoration build plan. More Automotive Restoration


  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce heat
  • Increase comfort
  • Easy to install (DIY)

Audio Application

Our Quiet Tape and Wave Breaker kits prevent vibration, distortion and rattles, so you hear the pure, clear sound you want without any unwanted noise interference. More Car Audio


Heavy Truck

Give your home on the road all the comforts of home... and more. Shop for noise-reducing and thermal-insulating products for your big rig, including hood liner, door, and cab & floor kits. More Heavy Truck

Product Comparison - HushMat® Beats All Rivals

You be the judge of superior performance. Evaluate and compare the noise quieting, heat resisting and vibration-reducing benefits of HushMat for yourself. No other product comes close. It's why HushMat is Rated #1 and the only OEM-approved product of its kind in the automotive aftermarket.