Marine/ RV/ Off-Road Sound Dampening & Insulation – HushMat®

Marine/ RV/ Off-Road Sound Dampening & Insulation

Reduce heat and noise and enjoy recreation in your RV or boat!

Are you tired of the road noise or heat when driving your RV?

HushMat reduces road noise, engine & exhaust heat and vibrations that disrupt your RV enjoyment!

Is the “doghouse” that covers the firewall blazing hot when driving your RV? When you park the RV do noisy neighbors, generators or simple activities like flushing the toilet or running water wake you up? If so you need HushMat to reduce noise and heat throughout your RV.

HushMat sound deadening and thermal insulation material can be applied to firewall, doghouse, floor, roof, doors, pipes, shower stall, appliances to reduce noise and vibration – and heat too!

If boating is your recreation of choice do you suffer from the constant drone of engine noise? Do you find yourself shouting over the noise?

HushMat sound deadening and Silencer Megabond thermal barrier material applied to the underside of the engine cover provide over 50% noise reduction. HushMat reduces the engine noise so you enjoy a much quieter boating experience and have conversation without yelling.

It’s soundproofing for your recreational time.

HushMat® makes your Boat or RV quiet and more comfortable to operate & enjoy. HushMat sound deadening & thermal insulation material:

  • Reduces noise from engine and exhaust
  • Insulates the vehicle reducing radiant heat through vehicle roof
  • Reduces vibration & noise that travels throughout your boat or RV
  • Reduces road noise (RV) and vibration caused by pounding on hull (Marine)
  • Insulates your sleeping compartment from outside noise and heat/cold
  • Lightweight and super flexible material

So you enjoy a cool quiet and comfortable ride as you are travelling across the open road or water!

HushMat sound deadening & thermal insulation material is the perfect addition to every boat or RV.


HushMat reduces engine & exhaust noise on your inboard by over a factor of 10. You don’t have to settle for 100 decibels of noise while enjoying time on the lake or ocean. HushMat Ultra™ & Silencer Megabond™ do an incredible job of isolating and absorbing noise. Lightweight and easy to install – treat your average size engine enclosure (cover) in less than two hours, even while the boat is in the water! HushMat also reduces vibration, rattles caused by loose panels, poorly constructed fittings and can enhance the quality of sound coming from your on-board stereo.


HushMat can not only make you interior quiet enough for normal conversation it also provides excellent thermal insulation. Your RV will ride quiet and more comfortable. You can experience a good night’s sleep even if your (or your neighbors) generator unit is running. And now with the introduction of the incredibly lightweight HushMat Silencer Megabond™ you can make your ride even more comfortable. Enjoy an excellent conversation on the open road and a cool, quiet & comfortable ride with HushMat. Use what the pros have used.

HushMat Ultra is the #1 rated sound deadening material and is the only material used by every major automobile manufacturer in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America for the last 25 years. Made in America since 1989.

Ultra™ Silencer Megabond™ QuietTape™ WaveBreaker™

· ALWAYS the 1st Step - Apply HushMat Ultra to your boat engine cover or engine room walls and enjoy a Cool, Quiet & Comfortable ride. One layer achieves 40% reduction in heat transfer.

· Apply directly on top of Ultra on underside of engine cover with latest technology light weight, – Silencer Megabond less than 0.2 pound per square foot.

· Apply with every electronic installation – used by professional installers all over the world

· Apply with every speaker or sub-woofer to hear all the music you paid for in your truck

· Apply to your engine cover, doors, and transom & reduce noise, vibrations and rattles.

· Apply to the walls and floor under carpet, in sleeping area.

· Secure wires, harnesses to prevent nuisance rattles and unnecessary wear & tear

· Universal application - One kit treats a set of speakers or one sub-woofer

· Ultra converts a hot uncomfortable & vibrating fiberglass box into a quiet & comfortable ride.

· Adds second insulating layer on top of Ultra reducing thermal transfer by additional 30% (over 70% thermal barrier with both!)

· Quiet Tape is re-useable – simply unwind tape and re-use without loss of adhesion = just don’t tape adhesive to itself!

· Place pad directly behind magnet on solid surface not touching the magnet.

· Light weight at less than ½ pound per square foot and less than 1/8” thick.

· Makes every boat & RV cool, quiet and comfortable!

· Soft, single sided, foam tape!

· Micro-cellular technology is incredibly efficient in breaking up problem back waves found in every speaker made.

· Forms & contours easily, installs with hands & household scissors – no surface prep or cleaning required.

· Absorbs exhaust drone, engine noise and wind noise!

· Thousands of applications in your hot rod, daily driver, truck, garage, RV, boat or home!

· Ultra is always the 1 st step in sound deadening treatment in your hot rod, car, truck, RV, boat or home

RV Owners -- Do you ever drive on the highway at 65 - 70 miles per hour and then exit? When you come to a stop light what is the first thing you do? The first thing you do is turn the radio down because it is too loud! The noise in your vehicle while driving on the highway forced you to turn up the volume so you could hear it over the noise. Everyone does it every day! You don't have to.

HushMat installed in your car, truck, SUV or wagon will lower the noise floor by over 10 Db which in turns allows the full amplified sound to flow throughout the interior. You will almost certainly gain of 2Db of quality sound from your stock stereo - even more on higher quality aftermarket systems. Incredible results from HushMat. See article published in “News” section of web site.

Boat owners – Are you tired of yelling over the engine noise or have you given up trying to have a conversation on your boat when speeding across the lake or enjoying a trip on the ocean? HushMat is the solution. We performed a study with a major boat manufacturer and determined that HushMat lowered the noise level in a 29’ sport boat engine compartment by over 13 decibels at 3000 rpm. This is an incredible sound reduction.

Best yet HushMat is Manufactured in the USA!!!