How to Install HushMat Sound and Heat Dampening Insulation in a Heavy – HushMat®

How to Install HushMat Sound and Heat Dampening Insulation in a Heavy Truck

HushMat is the solution to both noise AND heat problems in your cab and sleeper! Create a more comfortable, less noisy, and less stressful ride in your over-the-road truck. Easiest product in the category to install, self adhesive, forms to all interior cab and sleeper surfaces. #1 Rated in independent studies, simple peel & stick installation, cuts with household scissors or box knife, molds & contours to un-even surfaces - BEST YET - Manufactured in the USA for over 30 Years!! Treat your Peterbilt, Freightliner, Western Star, Kenworth, Sterling, Volvo, Mack or International to the very best in sound deadening and thermal insulation.
Ultra™ Silencer Megabond™ QuietTape™ WaveBreaker™

· ALWAYS the 1st Step - Apply HushMat Ultra to your truck and enjoy a Cool, Quiet & Comfortable ride. One layer achieves 40% reduction in thermal transfer.

· Replace old school under flooring jute with latest technology light weight, – Silencer Megabond less than 0.2 pound per square foot.

· Apply with every electronic installation – used by professional installers all over the world

· Apply with every speaker or sub-woofer to hear all the music you paid for in your truck

· Apply to firewall, floor, doors, roof and sleeper to insulate your cab/sleeper & reduce road noise, vibrations and rattles (& noisy neighbors)

· Apply to the firewall and floor under carpet, the back of removable door panel, back of the headliner and sleeper.

· Secure wires, harnesses to prevent nuisance rattles and unnecessary wear & tear

· Universal application - One kit treats a set of speakers or one sub-woofer

· Ultra converts a hot uncomfortable & vibrating metal or fiberglass box into a solid & comfortable ride.

· Adds second insulating layer on top of Ultra reducing thermal transfer by additional 30% (over 70% thermal barrier with both!)

· Quiet Tape is re-useable – simply unwind tape and re-use without loss of adhesion = just don’t tape adhesive to itself!

· Place pad directly behind magnet on solid surface not touching the magnet.

· Light weight at less than ½ pound per square foot and less than 1/8” thick.

· Makes every hot truck cool, quiet and comfortable!

· Soft, single sided, foam tape!

· Micro-cellular technology is incredibly efficient in breaking up problem back waves found in every speaker made.

· Forms & contours easily, installs with hands & household scissors – no surface prep or cleaning required.

· Absorbs exhaust drone, engine noise and wind noise!

· Thousands of applications in your hot rod, daily driver, truck, garage, RV, boat or home!

· Ultra is always the 1 st step in sound deadening treatment in your hot rod, car, truck, RV, boat or home