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Car Sound Deadening Material

Improve Car Audio Experience with Sound-Deadening Material

Are you tired of road noise, engine noise or wind noise drowning out your car stereo? Do you find it difficult to have a conversation or enjoy your music while driving? If yes, then buying soundproofing material for your car will improve your driving experience.

HushMat is one of the leading solutions in sound deadening for automobiles. HushMat improves your car's sound system and makes your driving experience better.

Enhancing Your Audio Experience

Imagine clear sound in your car, streaming music easily with Bluetooth, or talking without shouting. This is precisely what HushMat promises to deliver.

HushMat reduces car noise, vibrations, and rattles so you can hear music, phone calls, and GPS clearly. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to hear your favorite tunes over the roar of the road.

Eliminate Road Noise

One of the most common nuisances for drivers is the relentless onslaught of road noise, especially when cruising on the highway. HushMat sound-deadening material for cars reduces road noise, giving you a peaceful and quiet driving experience.

HushMat reduces road noise so you can enjoy your music, conversations, and driving experience without distractions. Most road noise emanates up through the vehicle's floor pans, applying HushMat to the floor of your car will drastically reduce road noise.

Unmatched Sound Deadening Material Performance

HushMat isn't just about reducing the amount of noise; it's about enhancing the performance of your car audio system. HushMat makes your car quieter, improving music sound quality with clear and precise notes.

Experience deeper bass, fewer distractions from rattling components, and a more immersive audio experience overall. HushMat absorbs standing sound waves improving the performance of speakers and subwoofers. According to D-Sport Magazine, HushMat enhances the bass by 7.9 dB at 100 Hz. This enhancement results in a richer and deeper sound for your music.

Easy Installation, Lasting Results

Installing HushMat auto sound deadening is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design and superior adhesive properties. Easily applied on any surface without preparation or cleanup. HushMat auto sound deadening material forms any shape leading to reduced noise levels.

You can trust that HushMat sound insulation will provide lasting results that stand the test of time.

Made in the USA

When you choose HushMat, you're investing in a superior car audio sound-deadening material but also supporting American craftsmanship. HushMat manufactures its products in the USA with top quality and reliability, ensuring you receive a durable product.

Super Easy installation!

  • Forms to uneven surfaces!
  • Reduce Road Noise by over 50%!
  • Hear More Bass, Less Rattles & Vibrations
  • Enjoy incredible sound (7.9 dB bass gain at 100 Hz Frequency confirmed by D-Sport Magazine)
  • No prep, no cleaning, no pre-treatment required.
  • Adhesion is GUARANTEED

The Number 1 Sound-Deadening Material for Cars

If you want better driving and great sound in your car, choose HushMat. HushMat reduces noise, vibrations, and rattles, so you can enjoy music, phone calls, and conversations without road noise.

Try HushMat today to make your car quieter and reduce vibrations. Experience the difference yourself. Say goodbye to noisy commutes and hello to a quieter, more enjoyable ride.

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Ultra™ Silencer Megabond™ QuietTape™ WaveBreaker™
Apply to doors, floor, firewall, tunnel, roof and trunk. Apply to floor under carpet, door panels and headliner. Stops loose wires and cable from rattling. Apply with every speaker or sub-woofer to hear all the music you paid for and not the noise.
Eliminates vibration around the speaker. Absorbs airborne noise, wind noise & road noise. · Adheres to any metal, fiberglass, plastic and fabric surface. One kit treats a set of speakers or one sub-woofer.
Creates a gasket between the speaker and the metal door. Place 10" x 10" square directly behind door speakers to break up back wave. Stops panels from rubbing / squeeking. Place pad directly behind magnet on solid surface not touching the magnet.
Reduces flex in the thin metal door skin. Apply to enclosures to break up standing wave. Use universal tape in hundreds of applications. Micro-cellular technology is incredibly efficient in breaking up problem back waves found in every speaker made.
Changes the vibrating metal car door or trunk into a solid enclosure. Makes every system sound better. Soft pliable single sided foam tape.
Adhesion guaranteed!

Just below 1/8" thick & 0.47 pounds per square foot.

Forms & contours easily to uneven surfaces.

No surface prep or cleaning required.

Why HushMat...

HushMat sound deadening materials reduce road noise, engine noise, vibrations and rattles that soundproof your car or truck eliminating the distortion of your car audio system.

  • Do you ever drive on the highway at 65 - 70 miles per hour and then exit. When you come to a stop light what is the first thing you do? The first thing you do is turn the radio down because it is too loud! The noise in your vehicle while driving on the highway forced you to turn up the volume so you could hear it over the noise. Everyone does it every day! You don't have to. HushMat installed in your car, truck, SUV or wagon will lower the noise floor by over 10 Db which in turns allows the full amplified sound to flow throughout the interior. You will almost certainly gain of 2Db of quality sound from your stock stereo - even more on higher quality aftermarket systems.
  • D-Sport magazine performed an independent study and found that HushMat increased the stock stereo by 7.9 Db at 100 Hz frequency!!!! Incredible results from HushMat.
  • You don't have to settle for bad / low quality sound. Another question: Which sounds better? A nice wooden home audio speaker enclosure or your car door? The home speaker is built into a solid wooden sealed enclosure. The car is a thin, vibrating piece of metal with a bunch of holes and hardware attached to it. By treating the car door with HushMat you are making it a solid sealed enclosure just like the home.

    Ask for HushMat as part of your next car audio purchase.

    HushMat materials have been formulated for the automotive industry for over two decades. Increase the sonic quality, bass and SPL from your system with HushMat.

    Best yet HushMat is Manufactured in the USA!!!