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Home Dishwasher & Other Appliance Applications

HushMat® sound deadening materials make your home quiet and more comfortable to live in and enjoy. HushMat sound deadening & thermal insulation material:

  • Makes noisy dishwashers quiet
  • Stops noisy home theater sound from going through walls & ceiling
  • Reduces noise from washing machines & clothes dryers
  • Stops noise from your neighbors so you can get a good night’s sleep
  • Lightweight and super flexible material

So you enjoy quiet and comfortable living in your domain!

HushMat sound deadening & thermal insulation material has thousands of applications in and around your home.

HushMat products work just about anywhere! So if you encounter problems with noise in your home rest assured that HushMat can provide a 100% American made solution. HushMat can dramatically reduce the noise coming from your dishwasher, washer, dryer or any other appliance. HushMat can also eliminate the rattles & vibrations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment or ducts. How about your water heater? If you are tired of sky high heating bills thermally insulate your water heater. HushMat requires no special tools, preparation or “tricks of the trade” to apply. When it comes to your home HushMat can ensure that the appliances and the equipment you rely upon every day can operate in the quietest and least discomforting manner. Cool, Quiet & Comfortable with HushMat!

HushMat Ultra is the #1 rated sound deadening material. Made in America since 1989.

Ultra™ Silencer Megabond™ QuietTape™ WaveBreaker™

· ALWAYS the 1st Step - Apply HushMat Ultra to your dishwasher tub, dishwasher door, HVAC ducts, refrigerator, HVAC equipment to reduce noise & vibration.

· Apply directly on top of Ultra on underside of engine cover with latest technology light weight, – Silencer Megabond less than 0.2 pound per square foot.

· Treat your home theatre room walls with material used by professional installers all over the world

· Apply with every speaker or sub-woofer to hear all the music you paid for in your truck. Don’t settle for second class sound from a first class speaker!

· Incredibly easy to install – do – it – yourself without special tools.

· Apply to the walls and floor under carpet, in sleeping area.

· Stop room to room transfer of noise you’re your home theater.

· Universal application - One kit treats a set of speakers or one sub-woofer

· Ultra converts a noisy & vibrating appliance into a quiet & comfortable one like new!

· Adds second insulating layer on top of Ultra reducing thermal transfer by additional 30% (over 70% thermal barrier with both!)

· HushWall applies with a nail or staple gun.

· Place pad directly behind magnet on solid surface not touching the magnet.

· Light weight at less than ½ pound per square foot and less than 1/8” thick. Adhesion is guaranteed!

· Makes every appliance cool, quiet and comfortable!

· Super soft absorptive foam approved to UL 94 specification!

· Micro-cellular technology is incredibly efficient in breaking up problem back waves found in every speaker made.

· Forms & contours easily, installs with hands & household scissors – no surface prep or cleaning required.

· Absorbs exhaust drone, engine noise and wind noise!

· Thousands of applications in your RV, boat or home!

· Ultra is always the 1 st step in sound deadening treatment in your hot rod, car, truck, RV, boat or home

Best yet HushMat is Manufactured in the USA!!!