Uses for HushMat – HushMat®

Uses for HushMat

Car Audio

HushMat Car Audio

HushMat® sound deadening material makes every automobile, truck, RV and boat ride quiet!

HushMat thermal insulation material reduces engine, exhaust and radiant heat by as much as 70%.

Noise and heat reduction from one great product - HushMat!

Nothing beats the noise & heat like HushMat.

HushMat is the easiest product of its kind to install, requiring much less time and effort than competitive options. HushMat is the most flexible and moldable of all mat products - easily molds around curves and contours; easy to cut and shape. HushMat does not slice up your hands like competitive brands. HushMat makes every car better by reducing road noise, rattles and vibrations and heat too! HushMat also provides thermal insulation acting as a heat shield reducing engine, exhaust and radiant heat keeping your car's interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. HushMat has superior adhesion and sticks to any surface and stays adhered in any climate.

HushMat makes an old vintage car ride like a new luxury model. HushMat sound proofing makes ever vehicle's ride better.

HushMat Ultra is the #1 rated automotive sound deadening material available to the automotive aftermarket. HushMat has been manufactured in the USA since 1989.

Hot Rod & Restoration

HushMat Bulk Kit

HushMat applied to your Hot Rod or Restoration vehicle makes it ride like a luxury model. HushMat Ultra & Silencer Megabond together reduce heat by over 70% and also reduces noise >50%. Keep the nostalgic look and enjoy current model ride & comfort.


HushMat Vehicle Performance

Enjoy a quiet ride even in a high horsepower/high performance vehicle. HushMat’s light weight compounded technology provides outstanding sound & thermal insulation performance without adding significant weight to your vehicle.

Heavy Truck

HushMat Heavy Truck

HushMat makes your truck ride solid – eliminating all the road noise, vibrations and rattles. Even better HushMat insulates your cab and sleeper so you can enjoy a quiet & comfortable night sleep even if your (or your neighbors) reefer unit is running.

Marine/ RV/ Recreation

HushMat Marine/ Rv/ Recreation

HushMat has numerous applications in the marine environment. This is due to the industry largely overlooking acoustics in the design, development and construction of boats. HushMat reduces engine noise from in-board design all the way up to engine rooms. HushMat also treats speaker enclosures to reduce vibration and distorting back wave.

Home Applications

HushMat Home Renovation

HushMat stops the dishwasher noise, laundry equipment noise, rattles & vibrations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Enjoy a simple phone conversation while your dishwasher is running in your kitchen with Hushmat. You no longer have to leave the room or yell over the noise!