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Silencer Megabond Kits

HushMat Silencer Megabond™ lightweight sound absorbing foam treats your car, truck, boat and RV like a sound recording studio.  HushMat absorbs airborne noise from exhaust, road & tire, wind and engine to make your ride more comfortable.  Silencer Megabond is simple to handle, cut and install.  Just peel & stick.  Silencer Megabond is super lightweight at less than 0.2 pounds per square foot and comes in three thicknesses ½”, ¼” and 1/8”.  Apply Silencer Megabond to door panels, headliner and under carpet on firewall, floor and trunk floor in cars.  Apply it to sleeper walls and floor and back of door panels in trucks.  Apply to the engine cover on in-board boats.   

Silencer performs like you are in a newly built home and in a room with hardwood floors and no rug or furniture.  When you speak, you hear an echo don't you?  Yes - then you place a rug and furniture in the room and the echo goes away!  Right.  This is exactly what Silencer Megabond does inside the car.   Silencer Megabond absorbs this airborne noise.   

HushMat Silencer Megabond is self-adhesive and is the easiest product to install - it is flexible and can be easily molded to un-even surfaces. Simply peel and stick.  Apply 1/4" Silencer Megabond to the back of door panels and back of the headliner. Apply 1/2" Silencer Megabond to firewall, floor and trunk under carpet. Best yet - HushMat Silencer Megabond is manufactured here in the USA!