Auto Year Make and Model Roof Thermal Insulation and Deadener – HushMat®
Auto Year Make and Model Roof Thermal Insulation and Deadener
Auto Year Make and Model Roof Thermal Insulation and Deadener
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Auto Year Make and Model Roof Thermal Insulation and Deadener

Part Number: FGSS-617135
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The 911 roof given the vehicle design is subjected to excessive vibration. The roof is also the main area for penetration of radiant heat from sunlight. HushMat?s aggressive self-adhesive formula will bond the underside of the roof skin and stay adhered for the life of your Porsche. HushMat is rated to 550 degrees F and will maintain its performance in hot and cold cycles. HushMat will reduce over 50 percent of the heat penetrating the roof creating a more comfortable driving experience.

Additional Attributes:

  • GTIN: 00881101171352
  • Cold Flexibility: Can be bent around 25 mm. mandrel at -30 degrees C with no cracking or loss of adhesion
  • Color: Polymer - Black; Backing - Silver
  • Flammability: Tested per FMVSS 302, HushMat Ultra is self-extinguishing and meets all aspects of the standard
  • Hardness: 6.5 - 9.0mm ?ASTM D-5
  • Peel Strength: Tested in 90 degree peel at a crosshead speed of 300mm per minute on a 25 mm wide test specimen. Average load in Newtons is reported.
  • R-Value: 7
  • Safety: HushMat Ultra is not considered a hazardous material. Care should be used in handling to avoid cuts from the foil. Gloves are recommended. The Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request and should be read and understood before using this product.
  • Shelf Life: At least 6 months when stored at 40 degrees C or less
  • Specific Gravity: 1.47 (approx. 0.47 pounds per square foot)
  • Temperature Resistance: HUSHMAT ULTRA will withstand a bake of 1 hour at 240 degrees C with no deformation, sag, or flow when baked in horizontal, vertical or inverted positions.
  • Thickness: 1.5mm


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: 26 x 14 x 3 inches



HushMat FAQs

Click on the questions below to reveal the answers

The only difference between these two products is color. They perform exactly the same in all specification testing. We apply a black ink to the raw foil to provide the difference in color. Other than the products are identical. Same great performance rated #1 automotive sound & thermal insulation material in independent testing.
HushMat has taken the guess work out of this question through the development of custom vehicle kits. We have over 1900 vehicles measured and now have kits pre-sized to fit each vehicle. Visit our Make, Model & Year look up to see if your vehicle is one of the 1900. IF it is not found please send us a note at or phone us 8:30AM-5:00PM Central Time M-F (913) 599-2600 and we will do our best to assist you.
Yes we do. We have extensive experience in all forms of transportation vehicles including RV’s. You will need one specific product – HushMat Ultra to address the noise sources you describe. You must treat the firewall, doghouse, front driver & passenger floor to address the issues of road and tire noise. If it is road noise from the rear tires that concerns you – you will need to cover the back side of the wheel well housing with HushMat Ultra as a starting point.
Noise enters the interior of any vehicle in two ways – It is enters through the structure or chassis of the vehicle and all parts connected to it. This is Low Frequency Noise in the range of 0-1000 Hz. This noise source requires vibration damping material aka sound deadening – HushMat Ultra. We recommend for effective reduction of structural transmitted noise to cover 60% of the metal panels surrounding the interior i.e. firewall, floor, roof, doors, truck, rear quarter panels, trunk floor and trunk lid. You would apply Ultra to these panels beginning in the center of the panel and work toward the outer edges again covering at least 60% of the panels surface. The second way noise enters a vehicle interior is from the outside – in through the air. We call this airborne noise. It’s sources are road & tire, wind, exhaust drone and engine noise. You can double and triple layer HushMat Ultra but you are not going to address these sources of noise. This is High Frequency Noise > than 1000 Hz frequency. This noise must be absorbed. Silencer Megabond is a blend of synthetic rubbers formulated for optimum sound wave absorption in automotive and marine environments. Silencer Megabond is a semi-closed cell foam that absorbs sound waves up to 4000 Hz frequency. The combination of HushMat Ultra and Silencer Megabond offers you the optimum performance to quiet any vehicle on the road today.
We have been in business for over 25 years and have hundreds of retail locations where the HushMat products can be reviewed. Our core competence is and has been in the design, development and manufacture of the #1 Rated automotive sound and thermal insulation materials in the world. If you are having trouble locating a retail location in your area we would be more than willing to discuss any questions that you have regarding HushMat and its materials. We are confident – once you have a vehicle with HushMat treatment – you won’t ever have another vehicle without it.
HushMat Silencer Megabond foam is rated to 300 degrees F (185 C). Firewalls at peak temperatures will max out below 200 degrees F (129 C). HushMat Ultra – which is always the first step in interior sound and thermal treatment is rated to 550 degrees F (288 C). HushMat Silencer is step two and is adhered directly on top of the HushMat Ultra. This product combination will lower that vehicles surface temperature from 200 F (129C) to 70 F (56 C)
We have numerous locations on our dealer locator denoted as “Custom Vehicle Installation Centers”. These locations possess skills that are unique to installation of our materials. The installation technicians are proficient in the disassembly and reassembly of vehicle interiors.
HushMat Ultra is used to quiet numerous consumer durable goods – cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, dishwashers, laundry equipment, Heating & A/C equipment. IF you have a product that is generating noise and you want to quiet it down – HushMat is the product for you. Visit the Home Appliance section of our web site for more information.
HushMat Hoodliner material is specifically manufactured for “Under the Hood” or “Engine Side” applications. HushMat Hoodliner material is robust at 2.0mm thickness and will insulate your vehicles hood (bonnet) from the high engine temperatures. HushMat Hoodliner comes in 12 Square Feet Kits and is universal to every vehicle on the road today. HushMat Hoodliner is also paintable in case your vehicle does not have the fiber cover.
Another one of the consumer friendly attributes of HushMat versus other China Mats or Marketing companies products is there is no odor with HushMat. Even when heated up to 300 degrees F. HushMat does not produce any odor. There are no cheap/plastic fillers or asphalt resins that give off these odors in competitive materials. HushMat has virtually no odor. Even in the hottest desert climates HushMat stays hidden!
The only prep we recommend is lightly dampen a cotton cloth with water (not dripping) and rub over the surface to remove dust or dirt. (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING SOLVENTS, ACETONE OR ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS.) Allow the area to dry to the touch – then peel and stick HushMat. If you need to trim HushMat we recommend laying HushMat sheet down in the vehicle and score the foil for the areas you need to cut. Remove the sheet – cut it with scissors or a box knife and then remove the release paper and install the sheet. The foil allows you clear “Score lines” for efficient cutting and trimming if necessary.
The difference between treatments of your vehicle for sound vs heat is the amount of area that you have to cover. With treatment for heat – like with any insulation material – you have to cover 100% of the surface area of the vehicle. Any void – even 5% will allow a majority of the thermal transfer to penetrate the interior of the vehicle. The incredible part is you will get outstanding sound and acoustic benefits from the very same material you are installing for thermal management.
It is very simple – please send us an email with your name, store name (owners name if different), type of business you are in (Hot Rod shop, speed shop, car audio retail, collision repair, upholstery, Tint shop, Restyling center to mention a few) and email it to or call our office M-F 8:30AM – 5PM Central Time. We will send you our application paperwork for you to complete and submit. Once approved we will issue you a formal quote. This entire process takes only a couple of days to complete once we receive your application. As always you can call us during the hours noted at (913) 599-2600.
HushMat Ultra is a compounded blend of butyl rubbers formulated specifically for low, room and high temperature properties. HushMat is thinner but offers significantly higher density that competing products. This product advantage allows us to provide a product that is significantly more flexible and easier to work with material that offers you dramatically higher performance.
HushMat Ultra’s proprietary formula is the adhesive. HushMat’s formulation requires no glues or film adhesives like other brands. HushMat Ultra has passed over 25 years of rigorous in-vehicle validation of performance in every climate on the globe. If you slice the Ultra compound you will see that both sides of the slice are tacky. This is one of the competitive advantages of HushMat.
Once you adhere a sheet of HushMat Ultra to a surface you have 2-3 minutes of time to pull the sheet back and re-apply it. After 3 minutes the molecular bond begins and you will have difficulty removing the material. HushMat Ultra is made to stay adhered to your vehicle for its entire useful life. Even in overhead or vertical surfaces in the hottest of climates – HushMat stays bonded to the vehicle.

Damping is the physics that converts vibration energy into heat. The HushMat Ultra is formulated to dissipate (reduce) this energy and absorb it into the material at any temperature below 550 degrees F (288C). This dramatically reduces the vibration energy and the noise that comes from it. Damping is primarily a mass over area physical science and damping materials characteristics are relevant in three primary areas:

  • Adhesion –
  • Conformance/Flexibility
  • Weight/Mass

HushMat is superior in all three areas when compared to the other brands. HushMat provides superior adhesion across the broad temperature spectrum from -30 to 550 degrees F. HushMat is significantly more flexible than competitive brands, even in freezing temperatures, and no heat guns are needed nor special tools to install it. All you need is a pair of hands and a pair of scissors. HushMat is thinner. However it is slightly higher weight per square foot than the closest competitor. HushMat contains no plastic or asphalt fillers, therefore, you do not have to double layer the application. HushMat is also manufactured in the USA!

HushMat is a line of vibration damping (not “dampening”), thermal insulation, sealing and sound absorption materials formulated to eliminate noise caused by noise, engine, structural vibration, and mobile electronic systems. HushMat materials also serve to reduce the thermal transfer from engine, exhaust and local ambient weather into the interior of your automobile. HushMat materials are the easiest materials to apply. Leading installers all over the world have confirmed that HushMat installs in ½ the time versus competing brands. We are convinced that once you try HushMat you won’t want anything else in your installations. Simply peel and stick!
DB stands for decibel. It is the physical measure for sound pressure level (SPL). It is a logarithmic scale. This means a 5 dB SPL reduction requires a 70% reduction in sound power in the noise. A 10dB reduction in SPL requires that the sound power be reduced by a factor of 10! The human ear recognizes a 2-3 dB change in sound pressure.

Street rods, hot rods and muscle cars and your daily driver vehicle have significant heat that penetrates through the firewall, tunnel and roof. There are several areas on a vehicle interior that experience above average temperatures. The firewall, the tunnel, near the header, above the exhaust, sun light pounding on the roof to name a few. HushMat Ultra comes in dimensions that offer excellent thermal properties. The 1.5mm & 0.47 pounds per square foot compound blended butyl rubber and foil laminate construction provide an excellent treatment for these difficult application areas.

For extra thermal protection apply ½” Silencer Megabond directly on top of HushMat Ultra on the firewall, tunnel and trunk floor for optimum thermal insulating performance. Apply ¼” Silencer Megabond to the back of the headliner for extra insulation from the radiant heat. Call or e-mail us and we can provide you with the best material for these applications. HushMat Ultra is specified to perform at up to 550 degrees F. HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner can also be applied to the engine side of the firewall, hood and front quarter panels.

HushMat Silencer foam should be applied to the following areas:

  • ¼” back of door trim panels with foam facing outer skin of door
  • ½” under carpet adhered to HushMat Ultra on dash and floor,
  • ½” or ¼” under trunk fabric adhered to resin layer of trunk fabric, and rear wheel wells,
  • ¼” above the headliner adhered to fiber board of headliner,
  • 1/8” on the back of all loose plastic trim or anywhere that plastic and metal rub together and create that annoying squeak and rattle.
HushMat Ultra License Plate Kit (Part # 10600) is designed specifically for this problem. This kit treats all USA Territory License Plates. Simply remove the license plate from your vehicle and place the HushMat Ultra sheet on the back of the plate. Trim it if necessary with a pair of scissors. Place the treated license plate and the HushMat frame (included in every License Plate Kit) back on the vehicle. Your problem is solved every time with HushMat.
Our efforts in the North American Automotive Industry have shown dramatic dB reductions. We have reduced interior noise by up to 10 dB. 3-5 dB is readily attained in most installations. We eliminate the structural vibration/engine/road noise so you can experience the pure sound of your vehicle and mobile electronic system. It is not uncommon for a vehicle with complete HushMat surface coverage to achieve up to a 15-20 dB reduction in structural vibration generated noise and road noise.